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Survivors of human trafficking are often arrested for crimes they were forced to commit during their slavery. They were victims. Not criminals.

Criminal records present significant barriers to employment and housing and make victims even more vulnerable to being trafficked again.  If victims cannot provide a roof over their own head -- a pimp will.


Upon initial victimization, the average lifespan of a victim of human trafficking is 7 years. Many do not have another year to wait.


This expungement bill is different, it is urgent and it will save lives.


What can you do? 

Sign the petition and help us get 5,000 signatures ahead of the 2021 special session!

Contact your representative and let them know, victims of human trafficking in Virginia do not have another year to wait.

Email Template:

Dear Delegate (Last name): My name is (your first and last name) and I am a (family member /service provider/business owner, advocate/community member) who resides in your district. I support this bill because although Virginia is ranked 16th in the nation for human trafficking, it does not have any expungement legislation helping victims of this crime. This means Virginia is ranked last in the United States for helping victims of human trafficking. (Include a personal story. Tell your representative why the issue is important to you and how it affects you, your family member and your community.) I support House Bill 1033 and want it passed this year.

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