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Housing Program Director -VA

Chief Marketing Officer

Lived Experience Expert

Quintina is a Lived Experience Expert of human trafficking who believes that at the core of being a leader is the ability to walk alongside other survivors. She knows the power of choice, and that has given her the strength to teach and empower survivors to choose themselves. As a leader in the anti trafficking movement, she sees that survivors are able to make those decisions and release themselves from exploitation, and helps them see that for themselves.


Quintina is a spiritual guide and energy healer with her own business as a Breathwork Facilitator and Conscious Guide. With her passion for neuroscience, quantum physics and somatic healing, she uses her gifts in tandem to create space for her clients to obtain full transformations, and create conscious choice for themselves.


In her free time, she loves to collect crystals, sing, listen to music and podcasts, and spend time barefoot in nature. You will see her with some kind of herbal drink or tincture, roaming around anywhere that has grass, trees or bodies of water.




S2E Program Director - DE

Chief People Officer

Survivor Leader

Melissa's resilience and determination have driven her to become a leading voice in the fight against human trafficking. Drawing from her own experiences, she advocates tirelessly for victims' rights to raise awareness about this pressing issue.

In addition to her advocacy work, Melissa is a passionate entrepreneur. Since January 2011, she has been the owner and operator of her own business, which includes a commercial and residential cleaning service as well as an e-commerce platform for vintage, antique, and fine jewelry. Her entrepreneurial ventures demonstrate a keen understanding of strategic growth, operational management, and marketing.

Melissa's diverse interests and unwavering commitment to making a positive impact in the world make her a truly remarkable individual, dedicated to both personal growth and societal change. She has a deep love for traveling and the outdoors. She finds solace in activities such as camping, hiking, boating, and photography, allowing her to connect with nature and explore new landscapes. Melissa's adventurous spirit extends to her interests in herbalism, art, and horticulture, where she finds inspiration and creativity in the natural world.




Legal Advocate

Survivor Leader

O'livia Reposa, founder and CEO of Surviving Change Foundation, is a human trafficking survivor turned advocate and entrepreneur. Leveraging over a decade of lived experience, Olivia established her nonprofit to bridge the gap between law enforcement and human trafficking victims, offering expert advice to both survivors and authorities.  As the first survivor in Virginia to achieve vacatur, she offers specialized services to Survivor Ventures participants who are eligible as well.


A graduate of Cape Cod Community College and a trained glass cutter, she is a beacon of resilience, having overcome systemic recovery barriers and multiple arrests related to her victimization. 


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S2E Program Director - VA

Chief Executive Officer

Survivor Leader

A survivor of human trafficking, Kayla has found her lane in the anti-trafficking movement as a connector in the community. She believes that survivors hold the power of warriors and wants to create an “army” of survivors that can break the status quo. Building a network of survivors who are economically independent and collaborate together is a key piece of her vision. Being able to provide survivors not only with resources but actionable steps that puts the power back into their hands to create a new narrative.

Kayla sits on the Board of Directors for both Duke University's “Last Girl Project” as well as Angel Healing, an organization in Florida building a restorative care spa.  Her educational background includes Marketing and Communications from West Virginia University with plans to return to school focusing on psychosexual neuroscience. 


In her spare time she is designing a fashion line that incorporates the anti-human trafficking agenda, one piece of which was worn by a Miss Face of Humanity finalist. 




Mental Health Director

Chief Operating Officer

Survivor Leader

With over seven years of experiencing providing trauma-informed care, Josephena is a direct service-focused social worker with a strong commitment to serving the needs of disadvantaged populations, including at-risk youth and survivors of trafficking, domestic violence and sexual assault. Most recently, Josephena served as Program Manger for a group home, providing direct client care, assessments and skill building for consumers with intellectual/developmental disabilities. 

An entrepreneur in her own right, Josephena is founder and CEO of Life in Color LLC, providing individualized consulting and training to companies, assisting them to achieve growth and success through consistent implementation of quality assurance plans. 


Currently a supervisee in social work, Josephena holds a Master of Social Work from Walden University.  In her free time, Josephena enjoys traveling, concerts and spending time with her family.




Housing Program Director - DE

Chief Information Officer

Survivor Leader

Jenny's passion for her mission is evident in her commitment to combating human and labor trafficking. Her exploitation, which began in her formative years and led to a promising turning point in her adulthood, has been marked by resilience and determination. Despite facing numerous challenges, including homelessness, incarceration, and barriers to employment, Jenny's passion has only grown stronger. She is now the Chief Information Officer and Housing Program Director of the Delaware Chapter, where she uses her empathetic spirit and personal experiences to guide survivors toward realizing their true potential and preventing revictimization.

Jenny has engaged with and successfully completed over 23 programs, obtaining certificates from each one along her path to freedom. She has not only found freedom but also love and support within her marriage. Her achievements continue to grow through her success as the Founder and CEO of Spirit of Life LLC, as well as successfully building her dream home alongside her husband from the ground up. Jenny and her husband's hearts are worldwide, and one of their biggest projects is the development of a water company to provide accessibility for low-income families in Guatemala. With Survivor Ventures, Jenny has found a permanent off-ramp where she can achieve her dream: breaking the cycle of generational trafficking within her own family and others.

As a wife and mother to two children and three grandchildren, Jenny spends much of her time mending the bond that was taken from her and her children during her victimization. She is working on her memoir/self-help questionnaire book and dedicates time to herself through holistic forms of therapy such as grounding, meditation, and emotional, social, and spiritual well-being.

To help Jenny and all survivors break these systematic barriers, you can find more information on their latest news page.


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