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Housing Stability

Program Director, Survivor Leader

Gwanda brings over 15 years experience in the field of human trafficking.  Previously an office manager at Whitestone Family Counseling she has supported survivors affected by homelessness, mental health, addiction, domestic violence and loss of parental rights.

A survivor of human trafficking and graduate of Survivors to Entrepreneurs, Gwanda is on a mission to pay it forward. Even while she was trapped in the trafficking life, she helped those around her find safe shelter and achieve housing stability making her the perfect fit to lead Survivor Ventures Housing Stability Program.


​A proud mother and grandmother, Gwanda holds certificates in Communication and Medical Coding and Billing from Virginia Wesleyan University and opening a business in Medical Coding and Billing.





President, CEO and Founder

Tiffany founded Survivor Ventures in 2018 and has been involved in Counter Human Trafficking initiatives for over a decade.  As a Department of Defense Intelligence Analyst, Tiffany served on anti-trafficking task forces in Embassies throughout Africa and Europe. More recently, Tiffany helped stand up the Hampton Roads Human Trafficking Task Force, in which she was responsible for the design and supervision of human trafficking victim services.

In addition to Survivor Ventures, Tiffany is owner of Chelsea Consulting Group, a grant writing firm that hires and trains survivors of trafficking to be grant writers and Development Directors.

Tiffany has a M.A. in Peace Negotiation and Conflict Resolution from the American Military University, a post-graduate degree in Gender and Transformation from the University of Cape Town's African Gender Institute and a B.A. from Ohio University in African Affairs.




Survivors to Entrepreneurs Program Director, Survivor Leader

Olivia works with trafficking survivors to meet their unique personal and professional goals while maintaining a productive and efficient work environment for SV small business partners. Founder and CEO of Surviving Change, Olivia has a decade of entrepreneurial experience in small business management and customer service positions, as well as informally during her victimization. 

Olivia is a human trafficking survivor who is no stranger to the systemic barriers that stand in the way of recovery.  She was arrested on many occasions for crimes connected to her victimization.  Both during and after her release from jail, Olivia worked with local, state and federal authorities to prosecute her traffickers. Each time she left jail, she found herself even more vulnerable to addiction and trafficking.  That is, until she found Survivor Ventures.  

She holds a degree from Cape Cod Community College and trained as a glass cutter.  When she is not chatting with her adorable daughter or spending time with her adoring fiancé, Olivia bravely advocates for criminal record relief for Virginia-based victims of human trafficking.