The purpose of our Housing Stability Program (HSP) is to provide secure,

stable housing to victims of human trafficking.

All of our programming uses an Intensive Community Treatment model.

Lacking any form of criminal relief legislation, Virginia-based trafficking victims have a heightened vulnerability to re-victimization as many cannot gain safe and affordable housing due to their past criminal convictions and poor credit records. With our Housing Stability Program (HSP), we're aiming to change that. 

Fast Facts about HSP:

  • Tenant-leased units throughout Hampton Roads
  • Up to 12 months of rental assistance
  • Financial literacy training

  • Match saving program

  • Bank ready assistance

  • Connection to Survivors to Entrepreneurs (S2E) program

  • GED/job/career training

  • Access to individual mental health counseling with licensed clinician

Rental Assistance Example*:

Time                               SV                 Client

1-3 months                    100%             0%

4-6 months                    75%               25%

7-9 months                    50%               50%

10-12 months                25%               75%

13 plus months             0%                 100% Self-Sufficient

*Each rental assistance participant agreement will be tailored to the individual participants level of need 

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