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This program aims to provide survivors of human trafficking

 with the resources and support needed to achieve economic empowerment.

All of our programming uses an Intensive Community Treatment model.

Lacking any form of criminal relief legislation, Virginia-based trafficking victims have a heightened vulnerability to re-victimization as many cannot gain employment or safe and affordable housing due to their past criminal convictions. With the Survivors to Entrepreneurs (S2E) program, we're aiming to change that. 

Fast Facts about S2E:

  • Unique, small businesses (startup/mom and pops) partnerships create new, trauma informed job opportunities
  • Subsidized wages ensure immediate income

  • Small businesses grow in revenue

  • Survivors grow professionally

  • Wrap around services provided using an intensive community treatment model

  • On-site job coaching 

  • Entrepreneurial mentorship

  • Specialized skills training

  • Incorporation and incubation of survivor-owned businesses


We envision a community of survivor-owned businesses and trauma informed business owners.  

Contact us to learn more about this program

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