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Survivor Ventures is proud to be an Equal Opportunity Employer.

JOB TITLE: Director of Holistic Care/COO
GOAL: To oversee direct service operations, ensuring provision through the Intensive
Community Based Treatment model. Provides mental heath advocacy and support,
care coordination, case management services, and crisis intervention to participants who have
been trafficked and their families, caregivers and/or natural support systems. Coordinates all
activities of the program and assists the Survivors to Entrepreneurs (S2E) Director and Housing St
ability (HSP) Director in other assigned duties.
• Use of trauma informed individual, group, and family treatment modalities
• Provide trauma-informed training and professional development for all S2E worksite
• Provide interventions in the participant’s natural environment, including office, home,
work and community, as well as within jail and prison prior to entry into our program
• Provide culturally appropriate interactions and interventions across all professional and
clinical settings
• Work in collaboration with SV leadership to enhance the quality and effectiveness of
direct service delivery offered by Survivor Ventures including implementation of a
wraparound model of care

Responsibilities include, but are not limited to, the following:
• Remains current in required licensure and clinical or continuing education trainings as
• Accurately assesses and documents client presenting problems, history, symptomatology,
mental status, diagnosis and prescribes initial interventions in a timely manner.
• Meets with client/family to assist in developing specific, realistic, ad measurable
treatment goals and objectives.
• Collaborate with S2E Program Director and Executive Director in the planning and
development of clinical services and S2E services.
• Knowledge of substance use and mental health disorders, clinical practice and
• Act as a clinical resource for Survivor Ventures and partners, and non-clinical staff.
• Employs strategies of intervention that are consistent with empirically supported
treatments and consistent with program expectations.
• Remains current in general knowledge of therapeutic treatment modalities, best practices
with trafficking populations and collaborates consistently with team.
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